A Haunting Destiny

I was told that this building is the ministry ...

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I was pointed to the Tbilisi Roads Ministry Building in Tbilisi, Georgia (alternatively, the Georgia Ministry of Highway Construction) by a friend that does an architectural building of the day shout out.

The place is architecturally interesting, to be sure, but it has also achieved the sort of abandoned beauty I love.  Even more so as a result of the architect’s original intent, which was to create the sort of edifice which allows nature to flow through and around it (a concept executed by others and famously by Frank Lloyd Wright with his Fallingwater house).

The design is based on a concept named Space City method (Georgian patent certificate # 1538).[2] The idea is to use and cover less ground and give the space below the building back to nature. The architects reference was a forest, the cores are like the trunk, the horizontal parts the crowns. Between the earth and crowns there is a lot of free space for other living beings, which create one harmonious world with the forest. The Space City method is based on the same principle. This is supposed to create experience of psychological comfort and well being in the people.

Google led me to this blog, which adds the awesomeness of an old camera to this spectacular Russian architecture.

Nature is accepting this building back into the fold little by little.  The building towers over its forest like an ancient, majestic tree.  Nobody knows, the trouble she’s seen…

A different set of pics can be found here.

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10 Responses to A Haunting Destiny

  1. Well, I know where I’m staying next time I’m in Tbilisi.

  2. (I’ll bring back some Pirozhki for you.)

  3. I may get hungry on the plane home. You know how that is.

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