Baller vs Ninja: Final Forest Fight!

I guess people took notice of this Spokane River ‘Foot video (I saw it over at Cryptomundo).  I don’t know why.  Probably just a slow spring.

I took some video with my phone the other day.  It’s really nice, but you can hardly see the deer 15 feet in front of me and, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t quite figure a way to turn off the shaky-cam setting on my arm.  Of course, I didn’t put it up on the Interzone claiming I had evidence of unknown deer either.  Not yet anyway.  It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if I did.  Maybe to the deer.  I think they might be under the impression that it was a private session.

Nothing about the Spokane video feels world-shattering.  Coupled with the sweet location analysis one of the Crytomundo commenters added (including this Google map of the supposed location), there isn’t much to look at here.  I’m sure the 80 forensic videographers mentioned in the Pacific Northwest Inlander article will sort it out for us.

I like paintballer as a potential ID.  Not that BF doesn’t play paintball.  I’m not saying it isn’t a juvenile BF playing paintball.  I can’t know that for sure.

It could also be a forest ninja.  You know what you rarely see in the movies?  The part when the ninjas who got knocked the F out during the night’s battle awaken.  Ducking from the blaze of an ascending sun, they have to make the ninja walk of shame home to the Big Boss.  In the real world, ninjas need to catch the bus.




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