Weekend UFOs

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I do not intend to specifically call out this UFO incident report, though I am going to use it as a jumping off point.

What I will do is draw parallels to an incident I witnessed this past Saturday (July 2nd).

Some relevant points of the report linked above:

  • I was drawn to a bright unblinking star somewhat north [of] me in the sky, heading east
  • It had a white color light and was moving at the speed of an aircraft
  • the light turned dim as if it was turned down, for around three seconds…then it completely extinguished

This could describe exactly what I saw on Saturday evening.

A bright, white light, moving silently and with pace from the North toward the South, parallel to the ground and, seemingly, at a height that would be similar to planes in the area.  I live under the westbound landing approach path for Chicago O’Hare International Airport.  At this moment I was sitting on my roof deck and facing directly East.  I was not looking up.  I was reading rather listlessly and reveling in the night air.

As I watched, the light seemed to throb for a second and then extinguish itself in an instant.

I had a very brief instant of “weird….I wonder what….”  I followed that by staring at my trusty camera, which sat inert at my feet.

Half a minute later, I came out of my languor and began to consider exactly what had happened.

I had spied the moving light in the corner of my eye.  But was this actually what had drawn my attention in the first place?

The answer is no.  I had heard an audible “pop” sound just prior to this sighting.  The sound is what had pulled my mind up and out of the literature in front of me.  It wasn’t the kind of thing that you are alarmed by.  It was the kind of background noise you notice, but instantly file away without ever giving it much thought.

I then came to an obvious conclusion.  Fireworks.

The light followed the “pop” after a few seconds.  Enough time for me to casually look up and see it.  The time was evening, minutes after the sun passed under.  The date was July 2nd…a Saturday.

It was too early in the weekend for the usual 4th of July war zone sounds to be evident and I wasn’t quite in the 4th of July frame of mind.  As a result, I didn’t look up and immediately recognize what I was seeing.  It was not the standard firework behavior.

My educated guess (I don’t know for sure, mind you, but the evidence in front of me gives me every confidence in this theory) is that an early 4th of July rocket launch had gone awry, shooting sideways rather than up, and failing to end in a splatter of twinkles.

I’m not saying this is what happened to the individual that made the similar incident report.  I am saying that a very clear understanding of your surroundings may reveal an answer where previously there had been only mystery.

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2 Responses to Weekend UFOs

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Oh yes. We had some coneheads in my area who decided to go into the desert preserve behind my apartment and climb the butte and set off fireworks–fountains, rockets, you name it–in the extremely dry desert brush.

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