Do they know what Insidious means?

Watching 'Abbott and Costello Meet the M

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I assumed that they did when I began watching the movie Insidious.  In retrospect, I may have given them too much credit.

It wasn’t a bad film, really.  It certainly wasn’t good.  If I was not a genre fan, I would probably spew bile about a movie such as this.

As usual, we have a young family; wife, husband and child.  They are under stress coping with that child, who is in a coma.

The film almost immediately brings its own flair to a seemingly familiar story.  Part of the movie’s flair is a refusal to worry about how plot elements stitch together.  Just keep it coming.  Bright lights, loud noises!  Looky here folks!  Do keep up.  You mustn’t worry about all that, dear.  What’s coming up ahead now?  Do you see?

At least the movie had some sort of pace.  Is that damning praise for a movie of the damned?  The movie did not overstay its welcome.  Put that on your rental box cover.

They managed to have a lineage element to the story.  Also, a never-never nightmare land other dimension portal zone space.  An Abbott & Costello team investigating with all manner of gadgets and weirdometry.  We got herky jerky colorless ghosts, like all the cool kids did in Japan long, long ago.  And the demon (or possibly a Zabrak).

Some meandering bs happened in the beginning.  Then…WHAM…demons, ghosts, other world.  Just a jumble of presumably edgy imagery made by people who think the edge is dangerously clownish and dusty.

The characters manage to move quickly through their hurdles and then it just sort of ends.  Just make a plan, execute Dreamscape Escape & Recovery Plan, group hug………profits?

But, we were paying attention and during the middle of DERP, the father separates from the child.  I know this guy had never seen any of his child’s artwork, hung prominently on his walls, so he probably isn’t winning any Father of the Year mugs.  Still, letting the little twerp go off on his own before rescue is complete? Terribly absurd choice for a father to risk everything to go to some astral hell to get his kid and then to separate from him just minutes later.  Unless…

The end is supposed to be shocking, maybe.  You’ll never guess.  Except, you will.

The only thing insidious about this film was how it managed to sneak its way into and out of theaters while none of us were the wiser.  I vaguely recall hearing about this, maybe.  When I saw it on PPV, I drew a blank.  I was doubly surprised that it was a paranormalish movie story and I knew nothing about it.

Did I mention that there was a psychic medium in a gas mask?  I probably should have, if I didn’t.

From the beginning, I was drawn to Rose Byrne.  I knew I had seen her in something else, but I just couldn’t place it.  That feeling haunted me throughout the film.

Thank god I didn’t manage to look her up until after the film ended.  Otherwise, I would have been humming this song the whole damn time.


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3 Responses to Do they know what Insidious means?

  1. Autumnforest says:

    Pangs; you crack me up! I have to admit to being a fan of Wan and I think it’s just simply because there are almost no horror movies made any longer and when they are,they are total crap. There was nothing original in the least about the film, but for pure atmosphere and some creepy imagery, it was a winner compared to anything it’s competing with (Paranormal Activity 3???) Well, I do love his use of dolls and the color red and creepy music and eerie old-time songs like in Dead Silence. It’s not fantastic, but seriously the best horror movie this year which is pretty sad, huh?

  2. I thought the movie was brilliant – just the type of horror film I needed to send shivers down my back. People’s expectations for movie standards are becoming ridiculously high – this is a classic horror film that people need every now and then for a bit of scare-action! I for one was terrified – I only wish they didn’t show us the full figure of the demon, he looked scarier without the close-up. Other than that, the storyline kicked-ass! Come on – vampires and werewolves are currently dominating media – we need some demon/exorcist replacements!!

    Thumbs up for Insidious – would totally recommend to anyone looking for a scary experience!

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      I’ll admit to being hard to please.

      It’s possible that in intentionally watching so many bad movies, I am no longer capable of recognizing a good movie :P

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