I have seen the dragons on the wind of morning.

I went to grab a few photos this morning.  For comparison between July 23rd and today (in the pics below, this morning on the left vs July 23, 2011 on the right).  This is how I came across the monsters.

So, it rained a whole bunch.  This happens.  I took some photos.  This also happens.  I wrote on some of them.  Very helpful professional-looking notations.

And then??????

The water boiled and erupted.  Some lumbering beast thrashed violently in the floating mass of vegetation.  Breaking the surface in a flash of color behind a veil of water.  Short, explosive attacks from below.  Impossible to see coming in the dense, muddy river water.

Perhaps a reappearance of Uncegila.  Or a bunyip.  Most likely mighty Panlong. (What better place to read about water mythology than a water treatment solutions company website?)

...and gone down a swirling vortex...And then it was gone.  Swallowed down a Potamoi’s vortex.

Is there no wonder that Chicago’s treatment of its water system might result in a mutated monster worthy of a Japanese monster movie?  Just another thing we can carp about.

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