It’s about time

Someone finally went and made a movie about black-eyed kids.

BEK stories are definitely creepy enough.  Nobody likes having weird kids stare at them.  Then you throw in those solid, black eyes and a single-minded desire to enter your house.  With your approval, of course.  That’s how they roll.

It’s an independent film, so don’t expect flying CGI demon children and a film score by Elfman.  Nevertheless, it’s good to see folks out there doing something.

The BEK are a pretty underrepresented group.  Perhaps that’s because they have a high kill rate.  You don’t hear about them because they leave few witnesses.

They even manage to keep their presence off of Wikipedia.  That’s showing some swagger.

While composing this post, I stumbled across another short vid about the BEK.  It’s not an independent film.  It’s more of a rogue hobo sort of film.

I’ll tell you up front, this clip doesn’t kick into high gear until about the 4:30 mark.  Sure that’s just the end credits, but damn that kid is a creep, isn’t he?

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