Dream a Little Dream

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I had a weekend full of wakefullness.  Not really a huge deal.  I don’t sleep much anyway.  However, I had tons of stuff to do and the whole thing made me feel a touch off.

Then, eventually, I fell asleep.  Sometime late on Monday after a night out.

That’s when things really went off the rails.

My subconscious had a lot of pent-up energy to get rid of.  Started off with a wee bit of sleep paralysis and some serious dreaming.  This continued on into Tuesday night.  I had a lengthy dream about apocalyptic times.  There was looting and insanity.  I left the door open and let people take what they wanted.

As these things tend to go, one greedy S.O.B. had to go too far.  I saw him trying to sneak past me with the dog under his arm.  He had taped her mouth shut to keep her quiet.  Naturally, I took action.  With a six iron.  Bashed that guy’s head good.  Then I dragged him outside and hung him.  And lit him on fire.

It looked something like this:

Notice the flaming book of matches arcing through the air toward our villain.

I was going to clean that up and do some line work and whatever, but I didn’t.  So there.


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