His Name is Paul and He’s Not From Here

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The first time I watched Paul, I was barely tempted to pay attention.  I certainly didn’t laugh.

It wasn’t fair to poor Paul.  Plus, I couldn’t shake the notion that I had found all of the actors in Paul funny at one time or another.  A few hours later, I tried again.  Undivided attention.

This time I laughed.

Paul is a classic road chase movie.  There is even a nod to The Blues Brothers just as the chase gets under way.  However, in this instance Jake and Elwood are a pair of nerdy British tourists, the tax payment is Alf, the Nazis are the men in black, the angry country and western band is a devout Christian father, The Penguin is Jeffrey Tambor and Cab Calloway is Jason Bateman.

That should explain everything.


These people are funny actors.  I was correct about that.  Pegg and Frost have proven that they are a humorous duo a number of times already (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz).  Bateman is, well, Bateman, and that is funny shit…in an understated sort of way.  I won’t list them all, but it is an impressive cast of funny people.

The movie is full of cultural references for the genre lovers.  There are ass jokes.  Wonders of the Universe are explained.  At least one really good explosion.  And just like any road movie, it’s all about the wacky adventures along the way.  Nobody really gives a rip how it starts or how it will end.  The wherezats and whyfors are inconsequential.

We journey.  We experience.  We laugh along the way.  We learn something.  Everyone gets an orange whip.

What can I say.  It’s a pleasant movie if you allow it to be.


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