So I herd u liek…rocks?

Ambystoma mexicanum, leucistic

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Close enough.

Just ’bout everyone knows about you and the mudkip thing.  I read it on the wall at Rosa’s.  Put a sock in it already.

There are other crazy things that are trying to burrow into your child’s psyche.  I’m not sure what the secret message is here, but it is obviously horrifying.

But what about Axolotl?  Way cooler.  Named like an Aztec god.  Was a mudkip way before that no-talent ass clown.

During this morning’s photo shoot, Jacques is playing the role of a sexy salamander in the mire by the local park.  Notice the engaging eyes.

He is a Golden God; A rock Ax.

Jacques is rock with dreams of becoming an Ax

Maybe you are just a rock, Jacques, but you got style and you got grace.

Don’t ever change, Jacques.

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2 Responses to So I herd u liek…rocks?

  1. Calan Ree says:

    i like rocks a whole bunch. they are pretty awesome when they are just laying around being rocks or when they clunk around in my pockets, but a rock that has high-apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes? that’s a pretty special fella.

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