Munger Road

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If you’re from north of Chicago, the name is probably familiar.  It is a road and people use it.

That’s always how these things start.

I mention this film for two reasons: (1) It’s regional.  I never miss a chance to pump up some regional action.  (2) This is one of those myths that every town has.  The perpetuation of certain myths (hitchhiker, children on the tracks, child-killer in the woods, etc) is generally a more interesting topic than the myths themselves.

Remember the take on the “kids on the tracks” myth called Fingerprints?  I wouldn’t either if the local QB hadn’t brought Cavallari overload to Chicago.  I’ll say this, it wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen.  It also wasn’t the most original or the best crafted.

I feel the same will probably be said of “Munger Road“.  Nevertheless, I’ve been on Munger Road, so I feel duty bound to put the trailer out there.

From the Yahoo news item about the movie, “Munger Road”:

The first myth began when a school bus full of kids supposedly was driving down Munger Road when it stalled on the train tracks. As the kids were trying to push the bus off of the tracks, the train plowed through the bus, killing everyone on board. The second myth is about a girl (in some versions, a boy) who was killed on the railroad tracks.

A brief article from 2010 gives some insight into the family as they were just getting started on the film.

Any guesses on what that scene might be like at Stearns Road this Halloween?  Good times, I’m sure.

Anyone else as tired of the word “Munger” as I am now?

Check out post commenter ThisIsCaitland’s review from her blog for an opinion from someone that actually saw the movie.

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3 Responses to Munger Road

  1. I spent a lot of my younger years going to Munger Road to look for ghosts. What I really liked about the film is that even though the story isn’t too original, the way the teenagers act and talk about the road is 100% accurate with the “it’s totally legit…tons of kids at school have done it” sort of thing. What I didn’t like is how it abruptly ends.

  2. Thanks for the shout out/link!

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