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Sir Francis Drake The Noblest Knight

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Not all of the facts, mind you.  Only some of the facts is probably good enough.  Let’s not go overboard.

Speaking of overboard!  Some fellow by the name of Pat thinks he has a line on finding Sir Francis “Lighten’ up, Francis” Drake’s body off the coast of Panama.

Francis, pardon me, Psycho Drake died at sea.  In the tradition of seafarers, he was dumped over the side of the boat and spit on.  Clad in full armor and in a lead coffin.  Those kind of precautions make you wonder if he should be brought back to the light.  Is Pyscho Drake going to be the onset of the zombie apocalypse?  Be careful, Pat!

You can read the article over at BBC News.

Drake died at sea in 1596 and his body, clad in a full suit of armour and in a lead coffin, is thought to be off the coast of Panama.

He was knighted for his successful exploits around the world.

Pat Croce claims he has located two ships which were scuttled shortly after Drake died of dysentery.

“This is absolutely a dream come true – to find the ships of the most successful pirate in history, who single-handedly wreaked havoc on Spain’s New Empire,” said Mr Croce, who is blogging on the expedition live from Panama.

They are now hoping to find Drake’s lead-lined coffin, which may still contain his body, which was reportedly buried in a full suit of armour.

Mr Croce said the remains of the ships, the Elizabeth and the Delight, had been discovered at the bottom of Portobelo Bay.

Now, since BBC didn’t bother, I will let you know that this treasure hunting fellow is none other than our favorite goofy former NBA executive and man about the world, Pat Croce.


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