Lo and…oh, crap, someone already used that…Just Lo Then.

There was a movie lurking around about demons and dusty books and summonings and

Le Pendule (from the suite of 16 drypoints "Gaston Bachelard, Les Devins") by Louis Marcoussis

love and supper dates and stuff.  I don’t know how I managed to miss it.

No matter.  I’m on top of it now.  On top in the sense that I have now heard of it.  I still haven’t seen it.

I  have, however, checked out the official virtual digs of this movie, Lo.  It’s decently full of information and pictures and whatnot.  There are also a number of Lo-related clips at the Drexel Box Films youtube channel.

Lo is a demon.  Justin is some irrational, young man.  April is what?  Our dork hero’s love interest?  Kidnapped?  By demons?  Hiding something?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

I don’t really know how this can go poorly.  OK, I can.  I’m still going to watch it.  And I plan on having a good time doing it.

Sarah Lassez, who plays April, seems like an interesting sort.  Great granddaughter of French cubist painter Louis Marcoussis.  Already an accomplished author (“Psychic Junkie“).  Born on April Fool’s Day in Canada, to French folks, and raised in Australia until moving to upstate New York at 14.

Apparently, this young lady is known for another movie which I haven’t seen.  I’m just going to let the clip do its thing.  I would just be getting in the way.

She is also in this next movie.  Musicals aren’t my bag, generally.  They tried to sneak the singing part in late thinking I wouldn’t watch the whole thing.  I foiled them.  I’m not saying I did the correct thing.

Perhaps this is all a sign that we should be decoding Mudvayne‘s “Dead Inside” for secret numerology messages.

Probably not.  Dead Inside is a really popular song title.  You can hear one from Finland.  Or one from a Christian rock band by the name of Skillet.

This is one of the Interzone sink holes.  It will never end.  Danzig.  Arch Enemy.  Chimaira.  Krepuskul (from Romania!)

Krepuskul is notable as the last version I feel like mentioning.  It gets stranger, believe me.  My goal isn’t to make you vomit.  Today anyway.

Why so seri-oose, fellow lunatics?

Take some Pink and chill out for an hour.  She’s definitely not dead.

THIS JUST IN:  A person I know declared the movie “Interesting! Weird like Harold.  Fantastical hilarity the likes of which I have never been party to.”

The quote may not be verbatim.  I was trying to recall from memory.  I’m sure it’s close.

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