Happy Halloween!

I think the last of the tiny demons have gone back to ground.  I wonder if Steve of the Ghost Hunters crew has been frightened by any insects so far this evening.

The pumpkin is out and I’m going to kick back.  It’s been a long evening of walking to the door and opening it.  The dog is really tired from barking all night.  Just kidding.  That’s what she would have done anyway and she has decent stamina.

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6 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Lucky! All I had was 3 teenaged girls in hooker-like outfits. If I were a middle-aged man, tonight was heaven.

  2. Calan Ree says:

    happy halloweeeeeen! ours was a suburban nightmare. the neighbor thought it would be cool to dj in his driveway. i didn’t mind until i realized he only had around 6 songs and he played them for 4 hours. only 2 were halloween’y.

  3. Necromanticore says:

    The pumpkin looks great! I took the nieces trick-or-treating. It was fun until the scary clowns arrived.

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