Waking the Dead

Welcome to Old Crow

Welcome to Old Crow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t actually dead, but that’s just a technical detail.

I’ve been busy.  Not busy in a manner that would be entertaining for you folks.   Obviously.  Or you might have heard a whisper on these pages recently.

I’m ass deep in home reconstruction, lost my mind in Vegas, recruited new members to the menagerie and have engaged in various covert missions.

I had planned on stringing some words together today.  A sink or swim exercise to get my rear back in gear.

However, the morning has already been the stuff of Improbable Frontiers.

I have just been assaulted by a crow.

Well, assaulted is probably a bit harsh.  As I stood on my balcony smoking and looking out over the Chicago skyline, I watched a crow flying over the treetops in my general direction.

This has always been the path of airplanes and winged beasts.  Not the least bit unusual.

The unusual part was that the bird coasted on the breeze casually, but directly, at my face.  I stared in awe.  The bird made a nonchalant swoop by my face.  We locked eyes as his winged efforts tussled my hair.  I could almost feel the wing tip brush my head.

I have no idea what the fugg that was all about.  I suppose I should assume the swarthy soarer was imparting a message to me.  Perhaps he approves of my planned directional shift for today.

Crows are positive.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.

On the other hand, Chicago has been in the midst of a fog advisory for the better part of twelve hours.  Maybe he just got lost.

Stay tuned.  I will be reviewing last night’s Ghost Adventures later today and probably mustering up a short story full of dubious characters and nonsensical dialogue.

I can tell you that the GA review will be glowingly positive.  I haven’t had FUN watching one of these shows in quite a while.  This episode fixed that.

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