Go 11

Go 11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Go 11

Go 11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thing about 11 is that it’s one more than 10.

Even with this greatness shoved upon it, I did not truly expect to enjoy 11-11-11.

Nevertheless, somehow I did.

The film isn’t for everybody.  It’s slow.  It’s thoughtful.  It gives you all the clues, but doesn’t force-feed them to you.

It is NOT an apocalyptic film.  I didn’t think it would be.  It certainly never claimed it was.  Yet it seems that every reviewer assumed this fact and, when that film didn’t materialize for them, the reviewers rated it poorly as a result.

It’s a film about people and their faith.  It’s also a goofy satanic sort of film .  Oooooh, did that spoil it for you?

It shouldn’t have.

It isn’t like you can’t figure this out.  It’s not a new story.  You just know that in certain situations, some people are going to be evil.  If you don’t know this, you probably shouldn’t be in a horror movie.

Yes, the help is always evil.  The cute gal that just appeared in your life…is evil.  Everyone is fucking evil.  Why assume otherwise?

It really helped me that I wasn’t familiar with the lead actor and actress.  It’s nice to see actors other than the same old.  It helps immensely.

Besides that, we had Michael Landes.  I like this guy.  I have a serious soft spot for the TV series Special Unit 2.  Yeah, I know it was a low rent show, but it made me laugh.  Every time.  I want to party with the links.  Chicago cops fight monsters.  How was I not going to fall for that?

Anywise, back to the Elevensies.

By the end, the main character, the famous author with Legions of fans, feels about as foolish as anyone watching would if they didn’t know how it was going to end.

I still watched it play out and I don’t feel guilty about liking.  Regardless of how many people shout it down as less than stellar.  Every book I read isn’t “War and Peace”.  Every movie doesn’t have to be Schindler’s List.

So, if you are capable of letting the little things go, not obsessive about a lack of ridiculously expensive special effects and can ignore the little issue with the electronic pen/book system (the paper and the pen must work together, peeps)…well, then you might just have fun.

Then again, maybe I watch so much trash that I just don’t know what a fun-time film looks like.



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