The Myrmidons, or My Confusing Venture into Mermaid Myth-Truths

The Mermaid

The Mermaid (Photo credit: wallygrom)

I make it a point not to look for information prior to viewings.  I don’t want to cloud my personal take-aways until I’ve fully processed the information and made my own conclusions.

Sometimes this bites me in the ass.  HARD.

Take, for instance, last night’s airing (and viewed today) of “Mermaids:  The Body Found”.  The show that required the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization to issue a statement regarding the fact that no such evidence had ever been found.  That must have been an annoying press release for them to write.

All throughout, I was torn between anger at clearly being conned and dismay that the Discovery Channel should or would do that to me.  That any of this could be real seemed insane.  That I should flat-out deny DC the position I had given it as a presenter of Truth also seemed a bit egotistical on my end.  Why would I know better than they?

I felt with certainty that the “phone-camera footage” would not be real.  That it would escape the clutches of a massive coverup is ludicrous.  Seeing that video “evidence” at the end made it clear that the whole thing was hokum.  I further noted instantly that the scientists were too pretty.  Nevertheless, I pressed on.

There were only two facts.  There was a recording of the now famous “bloop” sound in the deepest deeps of the ocean.  The Navy beached whales with their irresponsible sonar “oh no, not for weaponized use!” testing.

I had not caught this show when it aired previously on Animal Planet.  That would have made it obvious.

Of course, it was obvious, but I did not see any statement in the beginning or coming out of commercial breaks indicating that everything presented to me as “evidence” was entirely made up.

Perhaps I missed the giant warning at the start that told me I was watching a fiction movie and not science fact mixed with speculation.

Why must we commingle science and science fiction on the same damm station?  Isn’t this why we have Syfy and Animal Planet and the 9,997 other stations?

This is what I get for trying to think while the sun is still high in the sky.

Ah well, it was still kind of fun to watch.

I’m sure every one of you is wondering how the person that thinks EVERYTHING is fake could have, even for the tiniest moment, thought this wasn’t just the same BS.

Fuck you, Discovery Channel.  That’s why.

That and the fact that there is shit down there we don’t know about.  It’s just that it looks like a glowing blob of wires and googly stuff on the end of wobbly stalks of wonderiness.

It certainly doesn’t look like the Romanek alien head sporting Michael Phelps‘ body and a manatee tail.

Monday is for suckers :)

I was busy last week.  Gimme a break!

I would be mad, but I can’t stop laughing at what a maroon I was.

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