But, Like, No


_mg_11773.jpg (Photo credit: Tabercil)

There is a show that airs. I watch it. It’s funny. With some fanciful characters.

It has a few very small issues. One of them is a particular character, who sucks. Played by an actor, who also apparently sucks. Not in good way, Boris!

The script may have read, “blah blah blabbity bloo blah, but…[undramatic, abrupt, and flat as humanly possible transition to blankness]”

What it was supposed to say was, “blah blah blabbity bloo blah, but [abruptly interrupted by other actor]”

What’s that you say….the script did look like the second version?

Well, what the hell is your problem?

I can tell you mine. This kind of thing ruins me for all other shows. Shows that don’t have such vomit inducing actors playing an even more vomit inducing character.

It’s like a big, massive vomitorium.

For reals, yo. The kind of thing through which all the spectators of the show are streaming out rather than have to watch another minute of Dr. Lauren.

Now there’s one girl who needs to get lost.

If it weren’t for Kenzi, I would get so lost of this damm show.

Can somebody help her out FFS? She can’t do it all by herself.

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2 Responses to But, Like, No

  1. OMG….and what about Bo?? She’s the one who carries this show after all, IMHO. I love Kenzi, but Bo is way better!! :D

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