I caught the movie DeadHeads late last night (or very early this morning, depending).

It’s a zombie comedy.  I dig a good zombie comedy.  Luckily, I also dig a bad zombie comedy.  Let’s face it, kids, zombies are damm funny.

I was really just hoping it would put my to sleep.  It did not.  This could be considered a failure due to the lack of sleep bit.  On the other hand, laughter is the best medicine.

It’s low-budget.  It’s ridiculous.  The acting is not what you might call top-notch.

It is funny.  As long as you can quit yer bitchin’ and just let it be.

We get two pals.  Sentient zombies.  Seth, the crazy buddy.  Mike, the confused “I’m not a zombie!” zombie, who needs a bit of convincing to come to grips with his new situation.

They go on a road trip to find the love of Mike’s life, his high school sweetheart.  They bring along Cheese, your typical zombie who, for our two pals, is a mix of giant puppy and slow-class zombie buddy.

They are being hunted by the usual shady government types who are behind the whole zombie outbreak business.

Road trip.  Zombies.  Zombies smoking some chronic.  Wacky hijinx.  Government cronies.  Search for love and meaning in the afterlife.  Ass-kicking zombie hunter.  An ass of a zombie hunter channeling Chopper “Harden the fuck up” Read.  What else do you need?

Here comes the boom!

This is what low-budget, low brow horror is all about.

Maybe I was just delirious from lack of sleep.  That’s OK, sometimes a movie just scratches the right itch at the right moment.

I followed it up by watching The Descent, just so I can still claim some Horror fan street cred.







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