A Note Regarding My Own Cynicism

English: Movie tapes in a abandoned theatre

English: Movie tapes in a abandoned theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times when our own nature gets in the way.  Today was one of those days.

I tend to be harsh when reviewing movies and shows.  You might even think I have rarely seen a movie I truly enjoyed.  That’s not the case, obviously.  I actually don’t even think you think that.

However, with so much utter tripe being passed off as entertainment, I can’t help but get a little testy.  Generally, the more hyped a movie and the higher the budget, the more likely I am to give it the bidness.  This stance allows me to enjoy some really low-budget films and films that could be called awful.  I knew what I was getting into.

I can let some things go when I know the people making and acting in a movie are giving it their best.  You wouldn’t judge a children’s play the same way you would a high production show in the swank theater downtown.  It’s all about expectation and effort.

The fact that I can map out the sequence of a horror movie during the opening sequence is not always the result of a movie being awful.  Having seen so very many genre specific films, I can easily get a feel for how things will turn.  I know many of you can as well.  It doesn’t have to ruin the movie, if it is well done.  Fun can be had almost anywhere when allow yourself to let your hair down (and boy can I, it’s getting way too damn long).

There are still original plots, even if they follow some basic structure patterns, and there are still movies that surprise me.  I’m not infallible and I certainly don’t know everything.  However, I do pay attention.  Very closely.  This gives me a particular view-point as a film connoisseur.

Now, every so often, this completely tricks me.  I stumble upon a movie that I am so certain is sucking hard, that I fail to grasp what is going on.

I just watched a decent (but, by no means great) film wherein I took all the seeming inconsistencies and bad plot elements for typical bad movie failures.  It wasn’t until half way through the film that I began to grasp that those were not failures at all.

The movie was giving me clues.  Not the kind of clues that you can’t possibly grasp, which some movies will provide.  There really is no point to that.  If nobody can take the clues to a logical, if perhaps not obvious, conclusion, why bother with them at all?  Simply to point them out later and make us all feel like we could have had a V8?

The film that I had been angrily shouting at for fifty minutes turned into something that intrigued and entertained me.

I had brought my baggage to bear on the film well before it started and almost allowed it to ruin the movie for me.  I had simply accepted that it would blow ass before it even got going.  Every clue they gave me seemed like a slap in the face made by lazy work and bad writing.  My expectations had created that view-point; along with the slew of disappointments I have watched over the years.

Sometimes you just have to let a movie play out.  Maybe it will surprise you.  Of course, the next time this happens, I will have long since forgotten the lesson learned.  Particularly after having consumed another dump-truck full of crap horror films.


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