Shall We Play A Game? A Creepy Game!


Do you know The Slender Man?  I bet you do.

The tale of the tall, thin ominous feller that you don’t want to meet in the dark of night is all over the Interzone.  Creepy tales, fun videos and even his own game, Slender: The Eight Pages.

I finally got around to toying with the game.  It’s a fairly basic find the objects game.  It’s dark out, you’re in the woods and you have a flashlight.  Find the eight manuscript pages and….don’t get caught!  GO!

It is a decent lark.  Creepy sound.  Smooth movement.  And darned if my first run in with the slender dood didn’t give me a little shiver and a case of the willies!  That bastard is sneaky, sneaky.

If you have some spare time, I suggest you try a quick run through of this free, experimental game by ParsecProductions.

There is another one coming, Slender: The Arrival, which promises “more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline, the commercial release takes Slender to all new heights. The game is planned for a launch on PC and is being jointly developed by ParsecProductions and Blue Isle Studios.

I will absolutely be checking out Slender: The Arrival when it goes live.  The first screenshots can be seen here via

In the mean time, play the Eight Pages and watch out for that malnourished, gangly, tall-ass mofo!


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