Today’s the Day I Talk About “The Day”

Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Day” is one of those post-something bad happened movies.  I’m not going to call it post-apocalypse because I’m sensing “apocalypse” gets tossed around quite a bit lately.  I’m just not feeling it anymore.  Every bad turn just ain’t a cosmic cataclysm.

Something happened, for sure, though we are never quite let in on what.  Let’s call it post-collapse.

The best that us viewers will get is there is no food.  Not sure why.  There are no animals. There appears to be plenty of growing things, but that’s more of a low-budget film issue.  Lack of access to a desert and lack of desire to burn out a field and forest.  That’s just nitpicky and I’ll let it go.  You just can’t get everything.  Maybe the growing things are “bad” in some way and we just never get it fully explained.  Or I didn’t hear it over the sound of me crunching on popcorn.

In the movie, these people can’t get food.  Not easily.  Slim pickins from hunting.  Most of any canned goods and the like is picked over and gone.

So that’s where we are.  You can imagine how some people adjust to this.  You know it.  They eat people.  And not in the good way.

The film has a bleak color to it that I like.  It doesn’t always work in films.  Sometimes it feels too put on, but it didn’t here.  At least not for me.  It is just a gritty, little sort of film and that’s how it should look.

It isn’t a grand scale epic.  This is why any of the details don’t matter, really.  It’s about the people.  This group we know next to nothing about and how they have gotten themselves into a situation.  You know those situations.  Bad things are going to go down, people will die, etc.

But really, it’s a people movie.  Granted, it’s a people movie where you have to fill in most of the thoughts and emotions yourself, as the viewer, but who could do it better than me…or you?  The action comes on, people get shot and slashed, the story ends on the road…as it began.  The world, even this new, shitty, starving world, turns on.

It’s also not the kind of people movie that has Dominic Monaghan in it.  Yeah, he’s in it, but not for long.  Don’t let that be your deciding point for seeing it.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t even know he was in it.  I watched because I watch these sorts of movies.  I also like Shannyn Sossamon and she made the most of her work here.  Ashley Bell, who played the really flexible Nell in The Last Exorcism did decent work as well.  As did Shawn Ashmore, though I kept thinking he was Hyde on a bad trip.  The rest of the cast….they were in the movie and didn’t do anything to fuck it up.

In the end, and the beginning too, you get what you might expect.  Nothing truly unique happens other than the fact that nothing unique happens.  There are no fiends other than people.  And people are truly the worst fiends there are.

How about I end with a YouTube video of a radio interview of Dominic Monaghan, who isn’t even really in the movie very much (I guess he was a producer! Woo!)?  Super!


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