Enter, If You Dare, The Unicorn’s Lair

North Korea‘s search for Truth unearthed a unicorn lair.

The discovery of the site, it concluded, “proves that Pyongyang was a capital city of ancient Korea.”

North Korea has always argued that Pyongyang, and not South Korea’s Seoul, is the true historical capital of Korea and cradle of Korean civilisation.  (FULL ARTICLE HERE)

How dare they doubt South Korea’s soul?  That’s just silly.

They are now trying to backtrack and say that they have simply found a cave that is associated with a legend of the mythical Kirin.  You know they are just trying to keep it hush-hush and someone got “the business” for leaking info that they had found an actual unicorn lair.  By “the business”, I mean a good noogie, of course.

Anyone else thirsty now?

Kirin Logo 01

Kirin Logo 01 (Photo credit: jfeuchter)


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