Geminid Shower – Now With Double the Viewing Pleasure? Super Star, Vega, Out of Control!

No, that’s not a new porn vid.

English: A fireball Geminids falling earthward...

A fireball Geminid falling earthwards.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for the Geminid meteor shower.

I know you thought that UFOs were caught in holiday travel traffic or that end-of-the-world destruction was causing fiery death to rain down upon us, but chances are you were just catching a glimpse of one of the best meteor showers around.

This year, the Geminid shower peaks December 13 and 14.  Check out’s Ten Tips for Viewing.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a meteor, this is the time to try.  The new moon is coinciding nicely with the shower’s peak, providing great low-light conditions.  The Geminid shower has been known to produce anywhere from 50 to 100 meteors per hour.  That’s like…one per minute or some shit!

Not enough for you?  What if we threw in a second shower of equal (or lesser) value for THE SAME LOW PRICE?

That’s right, kids, there is a new shower that just might add to the Geminid sky spectacle.  Debris from the Comet Wirtanen could add another 30 meteors per hour to the Geminid’s already massive show.

Good times!

In other news, the star Vega was measured, using the Michigan Infrared Combiner, to rotate at a rate of once every 17 hours instead of the previously thought once per 12 hours.  Astronomers honed the measurement because they thought Vega was lying about her age and spin speed is used to help determine age of a star.  Turns out she might be 200 million years older than we thought.  Vega’s mass was confirmed to be just over two times that of our Sun, so at least she was honest about something.

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