There is a Dutch movie in the works titled “APP”.

It’s a thriller and it will integrate with viewer’s handheld devices so that the movie will “synchronize a parallel storyline via app content to be accessed while in the movie theater.”

codes and cryptic texts that the film’s heroine receives will also appear on audience members’ small screens throughout the theater

Sounds interesting.  I hope it works to enhance the experience.  I’m dubious for now, but at some point a film maker will get it right and there will be a fully integrated experience for movie viewers.

I’m not sure anyone has figured out exactly how to make it work in the theater.  I’m picturing tablets connected to the seats so that people don’t actually have their own connected devices on during the film.  We all know that would be too much temptation for people.

Interactivity like SmartGlass is going to be the norm eventually.

Hopped over to the link for the teaser trailer provided by Producer Bobby Boerman’s tweet.  I won’t bother to rant about the absurdity of my inability to watch.  I’ll just use that 21 seconds to pick my nose or something else really productive.

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6 Responses to APP APP APP

  1. Eric says:

    Talk about writing for a target audience. I truly hope this does NOT become the next big trend in movie-making. There are already too many people in the theaters not watching the movie because they’re being constantly distracted by their gadgets.

    The next step will be to just broadcast movies directly to the gadgets and eliminate the theater altogether. Everybody will stay home, make microwave popcorn, and log-in to the newest movie.

    Are movies these days so lack-luster that they need this so-called ‘enhancement’? And why can’t people just do one thing at a time anymore? (It’s obvious people aren’t getting any smarter)

  2. natella111 says:

    I think this idea sounds intriguing and fresh! :)

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