TV Apocalypse

NASA put a handy FAQ on their website for those that desperately want to know why the world didn’t bother to end.  Hell, even today’s winter storm feels like a flop.

Meanwhile, there is a sale on used torches in Russia where, like everywhere else, the world spun on, if a tad more out of control than last month.

The NASA folks really get tired of your phone calls.  Stop calling them.  They’re busy at the NASA Christmas party on the Moon.

What they don’t address; however, is what all those cable stations are going to broadcast now instead of the constant flow of 2012 Mayan Apocalypse shows.

I guess they’ll have to come up with a new apocalypse for next year.

I’m going with humanzee takeover.  I’m pretty sure that monkey at Ikea was an advanced spy.  How else could he afford such a swank sheepskin jacket?


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2 Responses to TV Apocalypse

  1. Monkeh on your back?

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