Another Star Dies Tragically

If you guessed I was talking about a wolf, you would be correct.

In mid-December, the Alpha female of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon Wolf Pack was legally killed by a hunter just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

The Lamar Canyon pack's alpha female (right) was shot and killed by a hunter on Dec. 6.

The Lamar Canyon pack’s alpha female (right) was shot and killed by a hunter on Dec. 6.

There is a lot of talk on both sides of the wolf hunting issue.  Save the livestock (despite the fact that “only one wolf pack from Yellowstone has ever been found killing livestock outside of the park“.  Nevertheless, I understand the concerns of ranchers.  I just wonder how we can ever arrive at another solution when the animals we are collecting data from are being killed (the wolf hunting season resulted in the death of five collared wolves).  Wolves are bringing in tourist dollars.  Wolves are people too.

Everyone has an opinion.

Personally, I was just really fond of this particular wolf, 832F, who also happened to have a fancy GPS radio collar for the purposes of SCIENCE!  You know how I love SCIENCE! and data collection and research and shit.

Like most politicized issues, the morass of bullshit surrounding it tends to result in some really ineffective solutions.

What really struck me, was this statement in an NPR article:

Wolves were only taken off the endangered species list in Wyoming a few months ago, and this is the first season it’s been legal to hunt wolves in all three states bordering Yellowstone.

Something is wrong all around when we have this sort of PASS/FAIL mentality.

How can anyone be thinking about this rationally when an animal is moved immediately from endangered to legally hunted?

It certainly doesn’t feel like good management.

Montana wolf hunting near Yellowstone will be decided by a state judge after a hearing with Montana wildlife officials on Monday.  I am very interested in how this situation develops.

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  1. There are two kinds of people in this world.

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