Zombears: The Walking Teds

Zombies + Teddy Bears = Grrrrruesome Awesome

Which brings us to undeadteds.com!

Imagine that foul-mouthed Boston Bear, Ted, shambling around looking for hook-uhs and brain.  Someone needs to get on that movie sequel right quick.

For now, we’ll just have to reenact it in our homes with some of these undead teds.

You feelin’ OK, buddy? You don’t look so hot.

You can even get your own ted zombified via the artist’s etsy shop.

UK Artist Phillip Blackman wants to turn your bear into one of the undead.

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4 Responses to Zombears: The Walking Teds

  1. Zombie lizards are what I’m a skeert of!

  2. Skeggjold says:

    I found some humour that would even offend perhaps you. (swedish but you do not need to understand what they are talking about )

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