Nuts To You, Sir!

I was going to drop this in my other blog, but it seemed Improbable enough to put here.

Crazily enough, we can’t even use the tired old “stupid Americans” mantra for this one.

A grocery chain in the UK has had to recall bags of monkey nuts for failing to warn that they may contain peanuts.

Before you protest that a bag of monkey nuts should just contain testicles, note that monkey nuts is a widely used term for peanuts in the UK.

According to The Telegraph article:

Booths, the upmarket grocery chain, have withdrawn 350g bags of its own brand Wholehearted Roasted Monkey Nuts, which are peanuts still contained in their shells.

The Food Standards Agency said that although the packaging was transparent, allowing customers to see what was inside, the supermarket had failed to identify peanuts as an allergen on the labels.

This is the world we live in now folks!  A transparent bag of peanuts has to be pulled from store shelves because it doesn’t have a warning label that it actually contains peanuts.

Legislation is legislation, of course, and we all have to follow the rules.  But there is a bit of craziness at the heart of this matter that fails all logic.  We are slaves to our own insanity.

Clear, logical thinking has fallen by the wayside.  The days of thinking for oneself are long gone.

At least we’re still teaching science in schools….


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4 Responses to Nuts To You, Sir!

  1. As long as we’re still teaching science, there is hope.

  2. It said without the correct warning on the label, people with an allergy to peanuts might not realise that monkey nuts were the same thing and unwittingly eat the product.

    • I.M. Pangs says:

      One would hope they would recognize peanuts on sight. If not, those with such allergies such consider familiarizing themselves with the source of their allergy :)

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