Not the disaster I was expecting

America Ferrara photographed by Jerry Avenaim ...

America Ferrara photographed by Jerry Avenaim Photography, Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I wound down late last night, I found myself watching It’s a Disaster.

This is not a film I was aware of.  An end of world scenario seemed pretty good to end the night while I waited for some aspirin to kick in.  I assumed it would bore me to tears and give me reason to go to bed.  I was wrong.  Watched the whole thing.

The movie isn’t going high on any list and is no must see, but I enjoyed it.  It isn’t shooting for the moon and so doesn’t require a grand result.  It’s just a fun, little movie.  Like it or lump it.  I’m sure in some other situation, in a galaxy far, far away, I would not be as inclined to enjoy the movie.  But last night, it hit the spot.  Maybe I’m going soft.

This is not a dark and brooding disaster film.  It is the slapstick version of Right at Your Door.  The comedic treatment of a dirty bomb attack worked for me, but I think everything is funny.

The cast was decent.  I got a particular kick out of America Ferrera making the most of her end time.  David Cross is funny making a habit of walking into the middle of every scene with a perplexed “What did I miss?”  We all hang out with one of those guys.

The film doesn’t waste much time on the specifics of the bombings.  It plays along in the background.  The grim situation where the late-arrivers aren’t allowed in the house is farcical (Julia Stiles is hilariously heartless here) as is the shot of the house with those same folks dead on the doorstep, and later, still on the doorstep…when the crows arrive.

The story is about people.  Much of it is the usual bullshit.  Since the original purpose of the group gathering was a couples brunch, of course there is relationship-centered drama.  We find out that there is a marriage on the rocks, there has been some extra-marital fluid swapping amongst the group and there is the angst of the perpetually single person and her new-to-the-group boyfriend.

None of this is new or ingenuous stuff.  However, it was solidly humorous and absurd given the circumstances.  People are people so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully.

Sure, the characters are often ludicrous and aimless, but that’s the point.  Even the end, though perhaps unsatisfying to some, gave me a chuckle rather than a groan.

I got a similarly good vibe watching Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.  Every movie needn’t fail at being something more than it need be.  Sometimes the end of the world is quietly absurd in the midst of disaster, like the eye of a hurricane.  Those moments are often more telling than barbarity and gruesome destruction.

The movie lightly touches deeper questions, but it doesn’t bludgeon you with bullshit philosophical answers.  The real answers are found with and each other.  If there are real answers to be had at all.

Who doesn’t love a heartwarming apocalypse!

I’ve seen worse films.  How’s that for an endorsement?


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  1. So it didn’t soar like a falcon then?

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