Monkey Business is a Grind

You have probably seen the image of a monkey and an organ grinder at some point in your life.  Typically for comedic impact.  Monkeys are as funny as monkeys in a barrel.  Even without the barrel.

A monkey waving his tin cup for a little spare change.  Hoping he makes enough to feed his owner and himself.  Perhaps picking your pocket when you laugh at him.

The practice of street monkey shows, though in a different form, continued to this day.  And this day, such shows have been banned in Jakarta.

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Jakarta government is set to ban street shows involving monkeys and plans to relocate monkeys used in such shows to the Ragunan zoo in South Jakarta, said Governor Joko Widodo here on Monday.

“Starting this week, we will conduct raids in the city,” the governor stated. The government plans to buy the monkeys from their owners and hand them over to the zoo for better care, he added.

Just in time for this post.

Photographer Perttu Saksa has done a series called “A Kind of You” that shines a disturbing light on the street monkeys.

“A Kind of You” is a documentary work of an uncanny asian tradition, where monkeys are trained and dressed to act humanlike in order to ask money from the bypassers. Modern city culture has turned the old tradition in to eerie and haunting act of cruel street theatre where animals become something else, never able to reach our expectations.

Go check them all out.  The pictures are evocative, to say the least.  Not kind of you.  A kind of you.  Think about it.

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2 Responses to Monkey Business is a Grind

  1. I thought monkeys would be easy. I was so wrong.

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