15 Seconds of Horror

Instagram allows for 15-second video clips.

Sounds like horror, certainly.  Fifteen-second snippets of daily life.

Morning traffic.  Waiting in line for coffee or smokes.  That woman panhandling on the corner.  That guy’s stank armpit hovering over you while you’re packed like sardines on the subway, complete with a miasma of human oily filth.  That fifteen seconds of work you did today.  The gum you stepped in wearing your swank new shoes.  The fifteen seconds you have until you pass out from the claustrophobic feeling of your silk noose.  Walking on the sidewalk at 5:02 PM.

I think I posted one picture on Instagram a long time ago.  I’m sure it was some kind of horror in its own right.

Independent filmmaker Tim Buel and his pal Cody Rhyse went a step further and intentionally created horror using fifteen-second video shorts.

[Buel] jokingly tweeted after the video feature’s reveal, “I will now be exclusively directing edgy, 15 second short horror films on Instagram” and the seed of the idea was unintentionally planted. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and told Cody of my concept of shooting 15 second horror vignettes. Cody and I had just finished writing a horror feature and were itching to start working on something. He loved the idea and we began to brain storm on a few different short concepts. We also both loved the idea of shooting completely in-camera and using the constraints of no post-production (besides a handy Instagram filter) to boost creativity. All audio would have to be in-camera, and any effects would need to be practical. No room for CGI or digital trickery! The project ended up becoming our own Dogme 95 of sorts as we stuck to these constraints throughout the project and shot with only what was available to us within the Instagram iOS app.

Series 1, a 13-episode arc is now available on YouTube.  Good, bad or ugly, someone is out there doing something.

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  1. 15 seconds is long enough.

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