Change your Tweet before you leave!

You may find this a bit morbid, but death happens.

There was a time when mothers told their children to put on clean underwear before leaving the house.  In case of accident.  Take that how you must.

Not my mother, but some mother we heard about on TV or someplace you might hear about such things.  Someplace where people concern themselves over triviality.

These days, I don’t think people are wearing underwear at all, so it’s not much of an issue.

However, I have seen an increasing number of stories about untimely deaths that include the final social media comments by the deceased.  This is a far worse thought than being caught with dirty drawers.

Let’s face it, death is undignified.  Even more so if the world at large gets to read your last yammerings on Twitter and YouTube.

My last comment so far today occurred on Reddit, “ayup, that there’s a cat.”  I can live, or die, with that.  The Interzone is cats, after all.

Not all of us can muster up famous last words for the ages.  Especially if you never saw it coming.  Perhaps, like a signature quote at the end of an email, we should have a last comment ready in case of emergency.

Part of your final arrangements should now include a trusted source erasing your browsing history and sending that Final Tweet.

These twenty-three famous authors managed some final last words.  Can you do better?  Via Buzzfeed.

W.C. Fields to his mistress.

Hunter S. Thompson in his suicide note.

James Joyce as witnessed by wife and son after a failed surgery.


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3 Responses to Change your Tweet before you leave!

  1. He who talks last laughs loudest, or something like that.

  2. Wait! Doesn’t everybody have a trusted source erasing their browsing history and doing a terminal clean of their office, car, storage spaces (the one nobody knows you have), and electronic devices of all sorts?

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