Nanowrimo post-game recap

November is Nanowrimo month for me.  Any excuse to buckle down and force myself to write a bunch is a good excuse (I’m lookin’ at you too, Camp Nano!)

This November, I was more prepared than I have ever been.  I’m not a panster.  I am somewhere in-between seat of the pants and organized down to the finest detail.  I like an outline and I like to research relevant (and some not so) information.

I had been researching this story for a while.  I had a very clear idea of where it would go.  I even had a timeline done in Aeon Timeline.

And I was totally unprepared.  I was like a first-time camper that wandered into the sporting goods store and bought a ton of gear without a clue what I was getting myself into.

I should know better.  I can’t seem to help myself.  If I can make it more challenging on myself, I will.

I blasted out of the gates with my word count tracking on target…for about three days.  Then I got bogged down in researching all sorts of archaic nonsense.  I didn’t need to.  It wouldn’t matter for the Nano process and I knew that.  I even had my “five clicks rule” in my mind where no topic was allowed more than five clicks from a Google search page before I had to hunker back down to the actual writing.

I ignored it.  I told myself it was important background information, even if it amounted to a passing comment in relation to the overall story.  I spent hours reading about Sámi culture; telling myself I was still within my five clicks.  I joined because I needed to go deeper and I could.

When I finally found a writing groove, I let Thanksgiving trip me up.

In the end, I spent a lot of days doing everything for my story but writing.  The very thing this exercise is meant to get me away from.

I ended up on the final day of November needing 15,000 words to hit the 50,000 word target.  I resigned myself to failure.  Nevertheless, I was going to try.

At the least, I was going to punish myself for allowing this to happen.  Had I kept writing on day four, I would have been done long before deadline.  I managed about 4,000 words per day on the days I had actually written.

This knowledge made me force myself to sit and write on that final day.  If I was going to fail, I was going to fail having made use of every minute left in November.  I was not allowing myself the final day off just because I botched the rest of the month.

What happened should not have been surprising.

Now, how did that happen?

I finished.  With plenty of time to spare.  It was an exhausting day and I did nothing but write and take the dog out from the moment I woke up until I finished around 8PM.

Not the path to victory I had planned, but I’ll take it.

It was a personal lesson.  I hope it sticks.  If nothing else, it was fun.

I have been decompressing and playing in the snow since.

Now the editing…

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  1. What’s your position on punsters?

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