Good night, Long Night Moon

The last full moon and the smallest full moon of the year, the Long Night Moon, passed over the horizon this morning.  So named for being the closest full moon to the December solstice.

If you missed it, there’s still reason to keep your eye on the sky.  The Quadrantid meteor shower is due at the beginning of January; best viewed before dawn on January 3rd for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  You know New Year’s Eve was a filthy mess when you aren’t hitting your 2014 shower peak for three days.

The peak is supposed to be 2PM U.S. Central Time on January 3rd and the peak doesn’t last but a few hours.  This won’t be optimal for Northern Hemisphere viewers, but the good news is the waxing crescent moon will set in the early evening and the sky should be dark.

Look for the radiant below the Big Dipper.

Here’s a few shots I took of the Long Night Moon in the very early morning.  The moon was still hanging tough against the looming sunrise.

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  1. aww stop mooning about ya daft punk

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