If it’s not a polar vortex, it’s an Internet black hole

It started so innocently.  It always does.

A click here, a click there.  Soon you are drawn down a dark, bottomless (or even topless) pit of Interzone Insanity.

I wanted to find out where this picture came from.

I did the typical leg work.  It was not straightforward.  What is?

Unintentional humor, that’s what.

After some mostly serious searching, I had to go back and really investigate the visually similar images provided by Google’s image search.  Surely this would nail it down for me, no?


No regrets.  I just took a breath, straightened my tie and got down to business.

This seemed the most relevant result.

I’m pretty sure that cat was trapped in the avalanche too.  He has the look of someone that’s been peed on by a drunken Slovak.

The cat’s thousand mile stare is a dead giveaway.  He’s seen some shit, man.

Thank goodness a little old lady from Poprad managed to knit the poor feline a cap and give it a warm bath to soak his fetid, urine-soaked fur.  Sadly, the emotional scars will likely linger.

I don’t know why I am now reading about the tale of a drunken Slovak man pissing his way to freedom from a snow-covered Audi, but here I sit.

Get in the house, Kral!

What dark corner of virtuality will I end up in an hour from now?  I may have a hard time finding the way back.  Light a candle for me.

If you got all the way down here looking for a real source for the picture, the best I can give you (based on the watermark) is this tumblr.

About I.M. Pangs

digital verbal smog creator improbablefrontiers.com
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2 Responses to If it’s not a polar vortex, it’s an Internet black hole

  1. By Jove Holmes! I believe you have found the source!

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