Red vs Dead, in which Nazi zombies make a comeback

You may recall a little something called Dead Snow.

There were Nazi zombies, snow, treasure and some daft fools looking to relax in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  Hilarity and loss of limbs ensues.

Now there is Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead!

This time with Martin Starr.  How can that go wrong?

And with a February 14th release day.  I heart that.

Cursed zombies.  Nothing good can come of that.  Other than me laughing, of course.

Oberst Herzog wouldn’t let us down.

The YouTube details:

If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you’d have to assume that things couldn’t get much worse. In Martin’s case, that was only the beginning.

Picking up immediately where the original left off, Dead Snow; Red vs. Dead wastes no time getting right to the gore-filled action, leaving a bloody trail of intestines in its wake. Director Tommy Wirkola returns to the helm with a vengeance, coming up with more inventive ways to maim and dismember than you ever thought possible. Combining wry humor with horrific worst-case scenarios, this follow-up to the 2009 Park City at Midnight classic is sure to shock the weak-of-heart and delight even the most hard-core fans of the horror genre. Colonel Herzog is back, and he is not to be f__ked with.

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