Lend me your ear

A German museum, The Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, is displaying an ear grown from one of Vincent van Gogh’s ancestors.

Self-Portrait, Spring 1887, Oil on pasteboard,...

Self-Portrait, Spring 1887, Oil on pasteboard, 42 × 33.7 cm., Art Institute of Chicago (F 345). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From an article in The Guardian:

The Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe says the replica ear consists of living cells grown from samples provided by Lieuwe van Gogh, the great-great-grandson of Vincent’s brother Theo.

The museum says Lieuwe and Vincent van Gogh share about one sixteenth of the same genes, including the Y-chromosome that is passed down the male lineage.

Artist Diemut Strebe told the Associated Press on Tuesday that she wanted to combine art and science.

I suppose the goal of combining art and science was achieved.  There was definitely science involved.

Should we expect this trend to continue?  Will museums be cloning famous people parts for display?  Would the regrown version of the various parts already on display around the world be better than a wrinkled mass preserved in a jar?

Galileo’s regrown middle finger would certainly more forcefully carry the message to the house of those great men that sought to keep his science hidden.

Perhaps there is some combination of art and science that will result in regrown versions of famous penises.  Rasputin could continue to spread his own message through the miracle of science.  In a very artistic manner, of course.

Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of regrown parts.  How about an interactive museum feature where children can mix and match to create their own patchwork historical figure.

Sounds great doesn’t it?  DOESN’T IT?  Can you hear me now?

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2 Responses to Lend me your ear

  1. I nominate Marie Antoinette’s head. She might be able to shed some light on that cake thing.

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