Run, run, run and don’t look back


They never seem to go away.

There’s a new iPhone app that combines running and zombies.  Two things I tolerate.

I don’t actually bring a device with me when I run, but I know tons of folks do.  I do have a little arm holder doohickey I don’t use.  You know, just in case.

I could see this being interesting enough to try once or twice.  I would probably be virtually caught by zombies because the dog follows her own plan.  Our running style is certainly interval training.  We are training for the paleopocalypse.  This involves sprinting after squirrels at top  speed with very brief targeting periods in between.

I’m waiting for the next-gen version.  The one that comes on the Google Glass Sunglasses I don’t have.  It will have zombie visuals out front that I must dodge and the sound of footsteps increasing behind me when my pace slows.

I won’t turn and look.  That’s how you trip.  Ask any horror movie scream queen.  They would tell you if they hadn’t tripped and drown in their own tears waiting for some lumbering oaf to catch up and axe them for their autograph.

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2 Responses to Run, run, run and don’t look back

  1. Running is a tripping hazard and looking back never ends well. Walk briskly.

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