Happy freakin’ Halloween

It’s that great time of year.  Every entertainment outlet, neighborhood joint and Internet hangout is giving in to the spooks.  And I don’t mean the NSA – that would be truly frightening. (Just kidding NSA, we love you!  In a platonic sort of way.  Like how we love the IRS, but with less consent)

The 2009 Halloween II is playing on Syfy opposite the 1981 version on AMC.  I’m going with 2009 because it starts first and I like to make you people squirm in revulsion.  How could I do such I thing?  I have no soul, that’s how.

Later, I’m going to watch the Chicago Bulls and the ghost of Derrick Rose.  That’s Halloween spirit.

Here in Chicago, it was snowing this morning.  The wind is blowing fiercely and the howling sound is a fitting background song for the day.  The trees are knocking insistently at the windows.  Is there any being out there that isn’t expecting free candy from my house?

The dog, the pumpkin crew and I are lurking in wait for the  upcoming assault on our fortress by all manner of tiny creatures.  They will surely be slowed down by trying to stuff a winter jacket under a Princess Darth Vader outfit.  Nevertheless, they will come.  We are ready.



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2 Responses to Happy freakin’ Halloween

  1. Where are your pumpkins now?

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