Of Hell and High Water – Cthulhu, with a side of Mariana

We’ve got to go deeper.

University of Aberdeen scientists have discovered a fish deeper than ever before (a snailfish at 8,145 meters deep).  Five hundred meters deeper than the deepest previously observed fish, which was also their discovery back in 2008.

Along with the snailfish, we get to see a few supergiant amphipods.  Supergiant amphipods are surely denizens in the suburbs of R’lyeh.  You can’t convince me otherwise.  I read a book about it once.

Do you think Hadal Ecosystems Studies Program is called HADES by accident?

For the University of Aberdeen, this has been a major success. This trip was their 14th expedition to the deep trenches where they managed to amass the greatest volume of video ever taken at these depths, 105 hours in total. Aside from the new deepest fish record and supergiant observations, they filmed many other species of fish, setting new depth records for three other fish families.

They also successfully reached the bottom of the Sirena deep at 10,545m, solidifying their deep-sea lander, known as the ‘Hadal-Lander’ as the UKs deepest diving vehicle.

I’m sure there was footage of mermen in there, but until they sign the proper forms – in triplicate, the footage of mermen riding megalodons and walking their amphipods in the kelp forest park will remain unseen.

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2 Responses to Of Hell and High Water – Cthulhu, with a side of Mariana

  1. Best slo-mo feeding frenzy EVER!

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