Choose wisely

I finally found a use for Twitter besides ranting about sports.

Some fellow by the name of Terence Eden created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story using Twitter.  It starts here.

Run or hide? What ever will you do?

Good luck, you’ll need it.

I’ve already died in a number of gruesome ways.  I’m sure I will die of dysentery any click now.

The creator wrote about the mechanics of creating such a thing.

I feel like I should do something like this.  You should too.

Sadly, I’m quite busy not finishing a short story I am in the middle of and watching Naked & Afraid.  If there are two things I love, it’s procrastination and watching egotistical jackasses argue about the proper way to erect a shelter out of leaves while the sun sets and the storm clouds roll in.

The only thing that would make Naked & Afraid better would be more dysentery.



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4 Responses to Choose wisely

  1. I died oh so many times, but I enjoyed every little moment.

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