Things go up, things come down

No, I’m not talking about dropping acid or that empty post-rave ennui you’ve got going on.

There will be a LightSail test launch today over in Florida.  Live coverage starts at 9:45AM Central.

Nobody is going to be sailing on sunlight today, but it’s a first step and that’s encouraging.

Read about The Planetary Society and go watch live.

English: Artist rendering of SpaceX Dragon spa...

English: Artist rendering of SpaceX Dragon spacecraft delivering cargo to the International Space Station. Credit NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow, the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship is leaving the ISS.  You should get up early, have some uppers and watch that too.  The ship launched April 14 and is the only space station resupply ship able to return to Earth intact.  Reuse, Recycle, Return to Earth!

Watch it on NASA TV.  Coverage starts at 5:45AM Central tomorrow, but it will take a while.

This is cool shit, you jaded twits!  You probably didn’t think last night’s three overtime Blackhawks game was exciting either.  Shame shame shame.

In other news about things coming down to Earth, we have the Australian ballooning spiders I discussed in my last post.  A guy named Keith Basterfield wants samples of the webbing, sometimes referred to as Angel Hair.  He’s apparently been at this since 2001.  Probably not to use with a good pesto sauce.  Although, given Basterfield’s writings about UFOs, who knows.  I suggest you keep your Angel Hair to yourself and let Keith collect his own.

I know spiders are mysterious, have a world domination agenda, and their webbing is amazing stuff, but it is not “a mysterious substance created by the interaction of a UFO or its electromagnetic field with Earth’s atmosphere.”

Everyone seems to agree that this time it’s the Spider Legions.  Probably because it was a big enough event to draw the attention of experts.

Look to the skies, people.  But remember to keep your mouth closed!

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  1. Have you seen Sevenbridesforsevenbrothers? Now THAT’S excitement!

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