Sometimes they die, but always They Live

Another famous person died recently.  This still happens.  It’s almost as if they’re just like regular citizens.

In particular, Rowdy Roddy Piper went on to bouncier wrestling rings or flouncier kilts or wherever dead entertainment wrestling villains go when they leave this mortal coil.

I’ll admit that I watched wrestling when I was a very wee child cheering for the Von Erich brothers (that’s a dark tale we don’t need to get into).  Back when Friday Night Videos was still a thing.  That was like a thousand and one years ago.  We only had a few channels to choose from back in the dark ages.  You took what you could get.

A muscle-bound wrestler in a kilt, Cyndi Lauper videos and Eddie Murphy in a Gumby costume.  Come on feel the noise.

Unlike a lot of the people who make a living talking about sports and entertainment, I won’t pretend the man’s passing breaks me up.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t wish ill on the guy.  I just didn’t know him.  Not personally.  We all go eventually.  Until they come up with something creepy to prevent it.

However, this does give me another opportunity to bring up They Live.  It’s one of those classically awful films up there with Troll 2.

Who would dream up a movie centered around trying to put sunglasses over Meg Foster’s eyes?  Pure insanity.

It’s not worth a damn, but it is worth a few good beers, some pizza and a few pals that know how to relish really shitty films.

He’s dead, but “They Live” will never pass into that good night.

You still don’t get it, do ya boy?


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2 Responses to Sometimes they die, but always They Live

  1. I wonder if Slammin’ Snapper O’Callaghan is still in the ring. That dude could wrestle.

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