Meteor Wave

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is happening.  I probably won’t see any of it.

Clouds and rain and a host of light pollution are working against me.

Every meteor shower in recent memory seems to have been obscured by clouds (don’t quote me on that, memory is fallible).

As a rational man, I am left to conclude that Cosmic Whoosh (I totally didn’t make that up just now) caused by the speeding meteors pushes the clouds down over the city, thickening them into a dense cloud cover.

The clouds ride the wave of the Meteoric Cosmic Whoosh right over me.  The meteors use this obfuscation to pass right by me.

I’m not saying that the meteors are avoiding me, but maybe they’re aliens.

If you look southeast before dawn in the next few days, maybe you’ll see some.  If you do, wink conspiratorially so they know you’re on to them.


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