It’s a Friday and it’s the 13th day of the month

It’s been a week.  Not the greatest one, but a week nonetheless.  I’m going to have a drink.


Friday the 13th is happening.  You can’t stop it.  Why would you want to?  It’s still a Friday. If you end up taking a harpoon gun shot to the eye, at least you probably blew the evil weed and had relations beforehand.

In a giant twist, I’m not going to watch anything related to those happy camper movies.

I’m going to hoist a few while watching Dementia 13.

Written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Roger Corman.  Coppola’s first legit directorial work by most accounts.  Legit being a subjective term.

If I had planned better, I would have gotten some Coppola wine.  A pinot noir.

As it is, I’ll have to suffer through some ridiculously good porter instead.  Tough breaks.

The plot follows a scheming young woman (Luana Anders) who, while visiting her husband’s family castle in Ireland, inadvertently causes his heart attack death. She attempts to have herself written into her rich mother-in-law’s will since her husband (Peter Read) has pre-deceased his mother (Eithne Dunne). Her plans are permanently interrupted by an axe-wielding lunatic who begins to stalk and murderously hack away at members of the family.

This could be a Friday the 13th movie if I squint real hard and focus on the ax-wielding lunatic part.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I’m sure it will be award-winning.  Coppola and Corman got in a spat while churning out a cheap skate Psycho ripoff and a second director came in after it was done to film additional scenes to finish it off.  That’s a recipe for greatness.

I’ve been assured of a miasma of madness.

I’m off to the domain of the damned, the dead and the demented!  As you do.

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3 Responses to It’s a Friday and it’s the 13th day of the month

  1. I missed Friday the thirteenth. Or maybe I should say it missed me.

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