Is winter the end or the beginning?

It’s Groundhog Day and our furry buddy Phil grumpily announced that there would be a six-week extension to this winter season.

Though it was damn cold this morning, it hasn’t been cold in Chicago this winter other than a week in December and a week in January.  There has been almost no snow, but plenty of rain.

It hasn’t felt like winter at all.  Just an extended November of cold, but above freezing temps, rain and mud.  Dark and dreary.  Most certainly weary.

Perhaps Phil saw his shadow.  Perhaps Phil has been watching the news, heard everyone speaking in Pennsylvania German outside his hole and decided he would hunker down in preparation for a nuclear winter.  It’s been said that Phil was seen in late 2016 purchasing dry kibble in bulk and loading up on ammo.  Perhaps I made all that up, in which case it can still be cited as True Facts.

We can’t even agree if Phil is a poor prognosticator (as the NOAA states) or has an 80% accuracy rate (according to AccuWeather), so take his antics with a grain of secondary sources.

Might as well stay in and watch a movie, just in case.  Netflix and chill for real.

You’ve probably already seen the film Groundhog Day a thousand times so it would be appropriate to watch it yet again.

On the other hand, there are tons of time loop movies available.

Run, Lola, Run has a great musical score to accompany a nice lady who runs herself ragged in an attempt to pay back some money.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Repeaters doesn’t just hint at a lack of morality when faced with no consequences.  Those who don’t learn from the past and all that.  Plus a dash of harsh humanity.

Source Code – Just how far will the government go to stop a terror attack?  It’s all for the good of the many, I’m sure.  Pay no attention to the man behind the lab curtain.

Edge of Tomorrow is a soldier’s endless battle time loop.  Fight, die, do over.  Like a Battlefield 1 skirmish.  You can do it, Tommy!  Save the warrior cheerleader, save the world-ish.  Illegal aliens are taking over and something drastic has to be done.

I would go with Repeat Performance.  Who doesn’t want to relive 1946 over again?

Phil has the right idea.  American spring is on hold.  We’ll have to hunker down and ride out a little more winter.  Even if it doesn’t look exactly like the winter we’re used to seeing.



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3 Responses to Is winter the end or the beginning?

  1. I’d give a lot to relive 1946 right now. Though I never did live it then would that matter now?

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