The Full I.F. Experience

Improbable Frontiers

The I.F. website.  The full experience.

This is where I bring together the full force of my Interzone Presence.

You will find my blog entries (from here, from my more personal blog), pictures, stories short and shorter and some about pizza, poetry of a sort, and whatever other randomness I am embroiled in.

Be sure to check it out.  Or don’t.  If you chose not to, I’ll just sulk and twist the heads off of some dandelions.

Do you really want to be the cause of such deliberate dandelion destruction?

Do you?

4 Responses to The Full I.F. Experience

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  2. sherrysoule says:

    I stopped every blog link posted here. It was super fun.
    Zombies ROCK!! :-D

    Check Out My Books!

  3. Mr. Stuben says:

    Most convincing ghost footage EVER! Makes you think, are we alone? Are ghosts watching us poop? Is that what color I will be when I die, or can I be a yellow one. The universe is full of mysteries.

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