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Nightmoor, I wanted moor

Nightmoor is an interesting little comic presented in a page-a-day format on Tumblr. It’s a short read.  I enjoyed it. You know what they say, Always leave them wanting moor!

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I Have The Same Problem, Harry

Don’t worry, buddy.  Everyone will know it’s you.  Sadly, they will assume my blurry profile picture is you too.  Proof positive that I am a squatch, you see.  Because squatches do that.  The evidence is overwhelming.

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Look Who I Saw on The Youtube!

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Who doesn’t love a blood orgy?

Zombie Waffe.  Webcomic about zombies I tripped over somewhere on the web (it was a time ago, I’m not sure where anymore). Uncertain whether it will be worth reading through.  I just got to the zombies and it seems to … Continue reading

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Here There Be Zombies

Been feeling a little peckish. So hungry. I can’t believe I ate a double quarter pounder. Haven’t eaten meat in almost three years. I just really craved something substantial and it is so easy to hit that drive through. I … Continue reading

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This Hasn’t Been Disproven

A little insight into cattle mutes?

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Who ya gonna call?

Dustbusters?               (from AmazingSuperPowers.com)

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Skunk ape thinks you are a rank mofo

Funny little bit of skunk ape drawring by my pal. She also has a link to this cool article on body art. With an opening line like this, how can the article not be good: What could be more personal … Continue reading

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