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I’m Not Lion

I’ve been mulling over some thoughts in my head these last few days.  I haven’t been sure how to formulate any of them into something sensible.  I wasn’t sure if I would end up putting them down at all; and, … Continue reading

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The State of Paranormal

Stop, drop and roll.  You folks are on fire. This is not a good thing. Experience does not equal understanding. If you don’t know the vector of a moving point of light in the sky, you can’t say anything factual … Continue reading

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Puttin’ The A in G.A. or Whuzzup, Cochise?

So.  Our favorite s/medium wearing spectral searchers, the Ghost Adventures crew, got themselves off to Bisbee, Arizona.  Ghosts really like Arizona.  Ghosts don’t sweat.  They have to pant (What? You’ve never heard that?) This episode covers an investigation into The … Continue reading

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T-shirt Challenge

Zak Bagans is doing another paranormal show on Travel Channel. Paranormal Challenge airs tonight on Travel Channel at 8PM Central. Each episode of Paranormal Challenge features a legendary haunted hotspot. Zak Bagans invites two handpicked teams of amateur ghost hunters … Continue reading

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Random Videos

Perusing vids today while watching soccer.  (England tied Montenegro in a Euro 2012 qualifier.  Didn’t even score.  WTF?) I like the simplicity of this one.  Most vid creators try to do too much. Of course, no info as to what … Continue reading

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If a Body Meets a Body

For the most part, I accept the ghost taunter shows as they are.  They still annoy the living crap out of me for poor experimenting and general stupidity.  However, I watch to be entertained by good story-telling craft. The generally … Continue reading

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Kinky Hunting

I saw the original story on GhostTheory. Jennifer Mills-Young, a woman from Australia is claiming that she is being “bothered” by a ghost in a sexual nature. According to the report, Jennifer has felt a ghostly hand grab her by … Continue reading

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Ghost hunter killed by train. The tragedy reminded me of this story from Sep 2009 of a girl falling to her death while allegedly on a hunt (and first date). I wouldn’t think this needs to be said, but be … Continue reading

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