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It’s Friday, again, and it’s the 13th

This happens all the time.  We’re lucky it does.  It gives everyone a reason to think about all the silly things people think about when a Friday occurs on the thirteenth day of a month. It’s special, but not that … Continue reading

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Pictures of Russian Space Stuff

The Russians never did get around to cobbling together a fake moon walk, but this article (original LiveJournal link) has some cool pictures of old equipment (errrrr, props) from the Russian space program. Check out the link for the full gallery at … Continue reading

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Another petty beaurocrat with a lightning bolt

The Gods are crazy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them to pieces.  They certainly love us to tiny little pieces.  Pieces parts. I was watching “Clash of the Gods” on History International this evening.  I managed to catch … Continue reading

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